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The Tapco Squeez SQ-2 audio compressor provides two channels of smooth compression and gating, plus an adjustable "Air" EQ for that classic vocal sound of the '60s and '70s. The Compressor section offers both auto "soft-knee" and "hard-knee" curves, while the Soft Gate employs an expander function at the threshold to eliminate annoying clicks from drums and other percussive sounds. Finally, the adjustable "Air" filter restores natural top-end, letting you dial in vintage sounds without the hassle of expensive and finicky old gear.

Audio Limiter
It's a law of physics that audio electronics are noisy. You can raise the volume of the desired sounds to hide the hiss, but by mixing louder you can clip your signal (which causes distortion much worse than the dreaded hiss). Another problem we face is when certain musical passages are pushed to the limits, you'll find that some softer sections get lost.

Enter Squeez
The Squeez SQ2 audio compressor acts like an extra pair of hands that quickly adjust the volume of two incoming signals to prevent them from clipping. The SQ-2 offers a variety of controls to let you dial in a "personality" for each of these virtual hands and shape their response to suit the dynamics of the signals they are controlling.

Accurate control for better sound
The Squeez SQ2 provides threshold and ratio controls that determine when to lower the signal, and by how much. Attack and release control how quickly the SQ-2 reacts and returns to normal when a strong signal is encountered. And there's an Output control that let's you make-up the volume lost when the compressor does its thing. There are eight bright LEDs on each channel so you can actually see the compression as it happens. And if all this potential overwhelms you, there's an Automatic Attack/Release button you can engage until you're ready to take full control. Finally, each channel includes a smart gate/expander that essentially turns down the channel so you don't hear a bunch of hum and noise when no signal is playing.

Classic "Air" EQ
Compressing an audio signal can change the sound in a not-so-good ways also. Many compressors can suck out the high frequencies--especially when compressing hard. The SQ-2 includes a unique "Air" EQ circuit that restores the high frequencies lost in compression. And because it's variable, you can decide the exact amount of restoration required.

Connections you can rely on
The Squeez SQ-2 features balanced XLR and ¼-inch inputs and outputs for connecting to virtually any mixer. A ¼-inch TRS Side Chain insert is provided for frequency-dependent or time-shifted compression, ducking, or even triggering the processor with another signal entirely, opening up a whole new palette of sonic control. Compact, the SQ-2 requires just one space of a standard 19-inch rack. It has a switchable 115V/230V power supply in case you've gotta leave the country in a hurry. And like everything TAPCO, it's designed tough to withstand the rigors of the road. 
  • Audio Compressor Profile: 
  • 2-channel compressor/gate with smooth, musical sound 
  • Auto Soft-Knee/Hard-Knee curves depending on compression setting 
  • New adjustable Air filter adds natural high-end for classic studio compression sounds (a la Motown records) 
  • Soft Gate circuitry provides expansion at the threshold to eliminate clipped gated sounds 
  • Individual Threshold, Ratio, Attack, and Release controls per channel 
  • Output gain compensation controls 
  • Auto attack/release function with indicator 
  • Individual Channel In/Out button and indicator 
  • Precision 8-segment Gain Reduction meters 
  • XLR/TRS and Side Chain connections 

156.22  Euro 125.00